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parser.hh File Reference

#include <gecode/flatzinc.hh>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
#include <algorithm>
#include <gecode/flatzinc/option.hh>
#include <gecode/flatzinc/varspec.hh>
#include <gecode/flatzinc/conexpr.hh>
#include <gecode/flatzinc/ast.hh>
#include <gecode/flatzinc/>
#include <gecode/flatzinc/symboltable.hh>
#include <map>

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class  Gecode::FlatZinc::OutputOrder
 Strict weak ordering for output items. More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::SymbolEntry
 Entries in the symbol table. More...
class  Gecode::FlatZinc::ParserState
 State of the FlatZinc parser More...


namespace  Gecode

Gecode toplevel namespace

namespace  Gecode::FlatZinc

Interpreter for the FlatZinc language.


typedef std::pair< std::string,
Option< std::vector< int > * > > 
typedef std::pair< std::string,
VarSpec * > 


enum  Gecode::FlatZinc::SymbolType {
  Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_INTVAR, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_BOOLVAR, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_FLOATVAR, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_SETVAR,
  Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_INTVARARRAY, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_BOOLVARARRAY, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_SETVARARRAY, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_FLOATVARARRAY,
  Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_INTVALARRAY, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_BOOLVALARRAY, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_SETVALARRAY, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_FLOATVALARRAY,
  Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_INT, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_BOOL, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_SET, Gecode::FlatZinc::ST_FLOAT

Types of symbols.



SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_iv (int i)
 Construct integer variable entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_bv (int i)
 Construct Boolean variable entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_fv (int i)
 Construct float variable entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_sv (int i)
 Construct set variable entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_iva (int i)
 Construct integer variable array entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_bva (int i)
 Construct Boolean variable array entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_fva (int i)
 Construct float variable array entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_sva (int i)
 Construct set variable array entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_i (int i)
 Construct integer entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_b (bool b)
 Construct Boolean entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_s (int i)
 Construct set entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_f (int i)
 Construct float entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_ia (int i)
 Construct integer array entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_ba (int i)
 Construct Boolean array entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_sa (int i)
 Construct set array entry.
SymbolEntry Gecode::FlatZinc::se_fa (int i)
 Construct float array entry.